Wine GlassRVWC Trakia is a very proactive organization that works directly with its chamber members and other local and international partners for the continual development of the Bulgarian wine industry. These initiatives include local promotional activities, such as; wine tourism, special events and wine celebrations, and promotional activities for all aspects of the wine industry to European and other world communities.
The Regional Vine and Wine Chamber (RVWC) "Trakia" is a professional association which covers all vineyards areas, including growers and traders of grapes within the wine region of western Valley of Thrace and the Valley of Roses. The territorial jurisdiction of RVWC Trakia includes the Provinces of Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Smolyan. There are over 5,000 wine grapes producers and over 50 winemakers within the territory of RVWC Trakia.
RVWC “Trakia” focuses on the direct promotion of the quality wines produced by its member through the collaboration with the Bulgarian Consortium for Producers of High Quality Wine “Trakia” as its marketing and sales partner.Chamber Statute


Our Team

We pride ourselves on the individuals in which we trust to carry out the many tasks involved in the realisation of the projects, services and products we provide. Our Team is made up of a selected mix of professionals including wine making technologies, marketing and sales, management, promotion, project coordination and wine tourism.



Konstantin Dimiter Madjarov
President RVWC Trakia

Graduated in "Engineer science", Technical University, Sofia and Magister in "Industrial Design", Academy of Art, Sofia.

Konstantin Madzharov is owner of various companies – "Rodopi Engineering" "SHS" inc, "Sardex"inc. involved in food technologies and waste control technologies.

Other than being the President of RVWC TRAKIA, he is also the president of "The National Association for the Transfer of Technologies" with activities in the coordination and administration of regional activities and directives in all phases of wine production and resource management.

Spoken Languages: Bulgarian, English, French and Russian

E-mail: kmadjarov@gmail.com

Katya Zrdavkova Vasileva

Ms.Vasileva graduated from the University of Food Technologies – Plovdiv, with a Master of Engineering in "Heat and Mass Transfer Technologies" in 1990. In 1994, she qualified as "Financier - Accountant" in University of National and World Economy - Sofia, and in 2004 acquired professional Master's degree in Economics with a degree in "Accounting and Control" - Technical University in Varna. In 2008, acquired professional qualification "Development and management of European projects".

Ms.Vasileva has experience in accounting and consulting services to ensure the functioning of different structures in accordance with Bulgarian and European accounting and tax legislation.

Spoken languages: English, Russian

E-mail: krisikz@abv.bg